Exploring the Edge: 12 Frontiers of Edge Computing

Edge computing complements your cloud deployments by addressing issues related to having data created in remote locations. While businesses today are still in the early stages of edge computing, the expectation is that there will be significant adoption in the next two years. Hazelcast believes now is a good time to explore edge opportunities, and supports such initiatives with in-memory technologies that help drive powerful edge deployments.

To learn more, read the Gartner report, Exploring the Edge: 12 Frontiers of Edge Computing *, which covers:

  • Four imperatives driving processing closer to the edge
  • Twelve categories of edge use cases, based on interactions
  • Challenges of edge computing deployments

*Gartner, Exploring the Edge: 12 Frontiers of Edge Computing, 6, May 2019, Thomas Bittman.

GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and intentionally, and it is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

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